Friday, July 18, 2014

Kat Von D Monarch Palette

So I went on a little bit of a crazy haul, thus these posts on all these new things I purchased. I bought this palette after seeing it in store. One swipe and I immediately picked up this palette. I was contemplating on this one or the cooler shades, but since I had already purchased Lorac 2, I didn't purchase the Chrysalis since the shades were basically the same. I used to wear way too many bright colors when I first started this blog and never liked neutral shades. I guess as I'm getting older, I'm wanting to stick to the neutral colors and now I have too many neutral palettes for my own good. This palette comes with 12 shades and the top three are more subtle so they're are perfect for either the under-the-brow highlight or inner corner highlight. There are definitely more satin colors than matte and satin in this context honestly means satin and not shimmery. The only major problem I have with this palette though is the amount of fallout. I created a tutorial using this and made a mistake of applying concealer before the eyeshadows and it was a complete disaster. Because of this, I did notice that some of the shades were a little harder to apply than others. I usually only wear an eyeshadow base but for this I recommend to definitely use a primer.  One thing I also noticed is that this ranges from warm and subtle cool colors which is a little different because most palettes only have one or the other.

Overall I really do think it's a great palette for all skin tones. Just beware of the fallout! Sephora,$46. 

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  2. Great swatches! I look at this every time in Sephora, never swatch it. But now I definatley have to swatch it!


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