Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Beauty Steal: Makeup Geek Utopia

Hey everyone! 
So I've tried Makeup Geek's eyeshadows but when I found out they came out with pigments, I was thinking of trying them out. Then, one day I came across a tutorial by Chrisspy and immediately had to get my hands on this pigment. It'a beautiful shimmery gold/black shade which is the perfect metallic finish for night. Lately I've been attracted towards more of the neutral shades (especially gold tones) and this would be a great smokey eye look. I'm even considering to use this on my wedding day, it's that gorgeous. It looks glittery and I did have some fallout when I was swatching it, so it has a mix of glitter particles in it as well. What more could you ask for from a pigment? The best part about this is that it's only $7 and the jar is filled all the way to the top. 

I could stare at this picture all day, it looks like a form of art! Anyway, you can actually apply this color dry or wet, but honestly you will get a better color pay off applying it wet. Also be careful because it has a lot of fallout so either apply your foundation after you have finished your eye makeup or keep a tissue underneath your eye so none of the shadow falls on your face. One small thing that did bother me is that this pigment didn't come with a sifter so a spill is very likely. As clumsy as I am, a sifter is a serious lifesaver but this isn't a huge drawback especially for the pigmentation and the price.

Below I have swatched this both dry and wet and as you can see, applying it wet makes a huge difference. My favorite products to use as mixing mediums are eyedrops, Make Up For Ever aqua seal, or the Mario Badescu rose water.

I'm definitely pleased with this color and looking to purchase some more. Have you ever tried any of the Makeup Geek pigments? What are your faves/recommendations, I would love to know!

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  1. I need this pigment in my life! It's so pretty! I recently got into pigments and this one is on top of my list to get! (:

  2. That colour is seriously gorgeous! I couldn't stop staring at the second picture! So lovely!


  3. makeup geek is amazing. i have a ton of her pigments and am looking forward to buying some pressed shadows soon! because of the packaging, though i transferred them into taller jars that i bought at a craft store. much easier for me to use.


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