Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Simple Smokey Eyes

Hello world!! 

Yes, yes I have been gone for about three months now and I truly really do regret it. I won't be one of those bloggers that says they're here to stay because honestly I've been so busy with school and work, I probably won't be as committed as I used to be. That being said, though I truly will try my absolute best to post at least once a week if not, at least once a month. Hope you all missed me because I sure missed you!!

For today's look, I went back to basics and did just a black smokey eye with a little bit of gold on the inner corner. I did this look on my friend for a wedding and got a request to recreate it!!

Here's the look:

The tutorial:

For the cheeks I used a matte bronzer and a peachy blush (Apricot from La Femme)

To look like

For my lips I used a nude lipstain (Sephora lipstain #2) notice the crazy cracking? The only reason I hate wearing lipstains alone!!

Final face:

The video:

And that's the finished look, thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Beautiful look and i love all of the step by step pictures.
    I'm the same, life with my family and children and general life takes precedence over blogging as it's just my hobby.


  2. So simple yet completely hot!

  3. Beautiful look as always, Ailah! Love the dark, smokey eye with the pop of gold :)

  4. Love the smokey eyes, though I find it hard to do it on mine~<3

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  6. Beautiful look! Love the eye makeup! xx

  7. love your site! www.thewhimsy.net <3

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